Coaching Services

Coaching busy professionals towards happiness, health and high performance.

Coaching helps you to develop a positive mindset, explore what’s most important to you, build confidence and core strengths, and discover a sense of happiness and purpose to perform at your best.

I work with private individuals and organisations.

Coaching for Private Individuals

Ask yourself what could make you happier?
Is it a better job? A new career? More confidence? Less stress?
There’s a way around any obstacle and Happiness Express will help you find it.

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...or ask me about a free 30 minute coaching consultation to see if coaching is right for you.

Upcoming Workshop:
Tap into your strengths, make a positive impact, create a lasting impression
Join the Authentic You - Personal Brand & Styling Workshop
Sunday 4th May 2014 in Sydney

Coaching for Organisations and Teams

Does each member of your team...

Ask yourself what could make the difference?
Is it improving individual contribution? Growing team spirit? Aligning company, team and individual values?
There's a solution just waiting to emerge with Happiness Express.

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...or contact me to discuss what’s right for you.

"Positive habits have been formed that will be sustained beyond the coaching sessions"

- LA, coach, trainer and photographer

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