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In the Media

Article published in Ruby Connection (17 Apr 2014)
Using Positive Psychology to Build Your Personal Brand

Speaking Engagement at the Diamond Club Sydney (19 Mar 2014)
How Happy Could you Be? Simple Steps for Sustained Happiness

Interview with Expatica on being an 'Expat Entrepreneur' (19 Jun 2012)
Expat Entrepreneur in The Netherlands: Sarah Fraser

Speaking Engagement at CRAVE Amsterdam (14 Mar 2012)
Women: Collaborators or Competitors?

Article published in The Coaching Academy blog (29 Jun 2011)
Coach in the Spotlight - Sarah Fraser

Interviewed by The Writing Well (February 2011)
Expats@Home Newsletter

Article in Time Out Amsterdam (February 2011)
Well & Good Feature

Guest slot on the 'Casual Friday' radio show (7 Jan 2011)

English Breakfast Radio, resident coach on Amsterdam 99.4FM
- Learn Something New, 27 Apr 2011
- Spring Clean Your Life, 30 Mar 2011 
- Cultivating a Giving Mindset, 30 Nov 2010
- Overcoming Fears and Phobias, 26 Oct 2010
- Get Motivated, 28 Sep 2010

Interview with Expatica on 'Living in The Netherlands' (31 Aug 2010)
"Expat Voices: Sarah Fraser on Living in The Netherlands"

Article published in The Coaching Academy blog (6 May 2010)
"How Rebecca found her inner diva and landed her dream job"

Top Tips

Self-belief - when you believe in yourself, others can believe in you too.
- boost your confidence with these handy tips.
- a report by 'nef' suggests five daily actions to improve wellbeing.
A Happier Life
- top tips for experiencing more happiness in life.
Overcoming Procrastination
- beat procrastination once and for all!
- cultivate a more giving mindset and approach to life.
- take control of your future.
Find Your Dream Partner
- be clear on what you're looking for.
- a clear home brings a clear mind.
- create the conditions for effective learning.
- boost and balance your energy to get more out of life.
Understand Yourself
- get acquainted with the true you.
Beat Stress
- simple steps to keeping calm.
 - identify what you're naturally good at.
- seek first to understand, then to be understood.
- learn to love yourself.


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Personality and Stress - using MBTI

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Survey - The Health of the Nation

2009 research into the health and wellbeing habits of men and women across Europe and the USA.

“I now feel comfortable managing my team”

- AB, assistant to director

“I now feel comfortable managing my team”

- AB, assistant to director

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